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2022-04-17 21:46:54

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In BitLife you can be practically whatever you want, that's why today we're going to tell you how to be a nun.

What is BitLife about?

It is a text-based simulation video game originally created for iOS by Candywriter. The game uses a text-based format to try to generate a somewhat accurate simulator while still having a high level of gameplay. Being a simulator, you will have to live a digital life represented with cartoons.

How to be a nun in BitLife?

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    If you want to be a nun, the first thing you have to make sure is that your character is a woman, because if she is a man, she can become a monk.

    The next thing you need to do is access the Occupation tab with your female character. But it is important that you complete at least high school first.

    The nun position is usually at the bottom, because the salary is low. However, you must keep in mind that the work does not usually appear frequently, so you must be updating and always be attentive until you find it. We also recommend closing the game while you wait, so your character doesn't age.

    When it appears, you will be able to accept the job and become a nun

    Make sure your character doesn't sleep with others, or you'll be in trouble.

    Now that you know how to be a nun in BitLife, you can try this profession to see how it goes for you, so we hope that on your next return to the game you will do it now that you have everything you need.

    iOS, Bluestacks, Android
    Life simulation game
    Candywriter LLC.
    Candywriter, LLC
    age rating (PEGI):

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