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BitLife: How to Get the Stupid Ribbon - Tips and tricks

2020-01-07 11:25:32

BitLife has some important elements we need to know, so we'll explain how to get the stupid tape.

Why is it necessary to get the stupid tape in BitLife?

As its very name indicates it stupid tape, this means that we must take this element without foundation, that has become only an obstacle to be able to perform the activities that we can carry out in this game, because it prevents us from performing other searches, so here it is important to play dumb. 

How to get the stupid tape in BitLife?

This is where you need to be a little stupid, when you get to school you need to yell at people and obviously miss classes, because dropping out of school simply doesn't allow you to learn anything, because as you'll see we've cycled our way through new lives, where we have a pretty bad IQ, to the point that it can get below 10 percent, it may be entitled to time, this is where we have stupid decisions, of course not going that far, because if we go too far we will most likely go to jail because we got the tape of the scandal.

The driving test is an option that we must make only that here we have the possible to lose it intentionally, because we will only be a few beings wasting the little potential we have, because we neither study nor work, but that's not all, because as our thing is stupidity, because we may receive drugs, here the detail is to stay below the intelligence index 10 percent, and drugs are good to die quickly, taking into account above all that index.

In conclusion, as long as we have an intelligence rate of 10 percent we can achieve the goal of knowing how to get the stupid tape in Bitlife.

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