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2020-08-17 08:51:44

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Guide to learn how to make a video in BitLife

  You must have a lot of presence and personality when it comes to becoming a celebrity on the Internet and the same thing usually happens in BitLife. In this case we will focus on making videos that is one of the most popular both in real life and in the game.
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    How to make a video in BitLife?

    If you want to become someone of influence in the game you have five social media options to choose from, but to make a BitLife video while playing BitLife, you have to do it from YouTube. Sign up for YouTube and start making videos.

    When you want to register in any social network, you should be able to access a social media account when you reach 14 years of age. At that time, although you will not have many followers, you can make a video on any topic. Click on the YouTube tab in your social media options, and the best video option to do the recording.

    It will list how many people watched the video and if you get new or lost subscribers.

    For those trying to complete the challenge of receiving 1,000 YouTube views on a video, try mixing up the type of videos your character does at the beginning. You can gain a faster audience by doing a variety of things, but be sure to do a BitLife every now and then.

    There are a variety of different videos you can make assuming the YouTuber persona. Take a look at them and find out what your audience likes.

     Now that you know how to make a video in BitLife you will have to monitor the flow of your followers to increase the number of views and thus meet the challenge of the game. Luck!

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