2021-03-18 10:24:59

We are back in Bitlife, and it is in order to tell you how to avoid estate tax.

What is the inheritance tax in Bitlife?

This is a way of collecting money by certain entities and is usually done legally, since some countries tend to have some somewhat higher rates, and while we are in them, it is necessary to cancel them, a recommendation is to locate ourselves in some countries where this does not exist. Wealth tax and thus avoid making payments that may be considered unnecessary.

How to avoid estate tax in Bitlife?

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    Fortunately we have the possibility that many countries do not have this practice, and it is precisely there where we must move, because with this we manage to avoid having to give money just to have some properties or wealth, since it is quite feasible to create a new character or simply choose for emigrating, as this can be done in the option under activities and look for the country to which we consider moving.

    Here is the list of countries where it is not possible to pay inheritance taxes, and they are:

    • Austria.
    • Australia.
    • Bahamas.
    • Canada.
    • China.
    • United Arab Emirates.
    • Slovakia.
    • Estonia.
    • Hong Kong.
    • Hungary.
    • India
    • Israel.
    • Macau.
    • Morocco.
    • Mexico.
    • Norway.
    • New Zealand.
    • Portugal.
    • Czech Republic.
    • Romania.
    • Russia.
    • Serbia
    • Singapore.
    • Sweden.

    Now that you know how to avoid estate tax, it is the perfect time to embark on one of these countries, because spending money on unnecessary things is an action that we can achieve in BitLife.

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