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BioWare comments on what fans of the franchise can expect in the coming months.

2018-12-02 22:59:23

"It's inspiring to know that there are so many fans of the saga enjoying the games we've done" It is confirmed that there will be important news of Dragon Age in December, BioWare has recalled that it has "future plans for Mass Effect", without giving more details. Casey Hudson, the main responsible for the study, informs his fans that on November 7th the traditional commemorative day of the franchise was celebrated. "It's one of my favorite moments of the year, a day in which people from all over the world share their experiences with the Mass Effect saga, it's really inspiring to know that there are so many fans of the saga out there enjoying the games we've done ... and we hope to do more. "

Abnteriormente already it was clarified that there would be new games of Dragon Age and Mass Effect, the acceptance of Mass Effect Andromeda had reduced protagonism to this saga of science fiction. Hudson clarified that on November 7 there was talk of a new update that would improve the graphics of Mass Effect Andromeda on Xbox One X, but "that was only a small part of the plans we have for Mass Effect in the future." Nothing has been done about it, but we must not forget that in the past Bioware also showed its interest in working on the long-awaited KOTOR 3, which could possibly be another of the studio's future projects.