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BioShock Infinite: How to Find the Vox Code

2020-02-15 12:28:00

Today we will have a BioShock Infinite guide where you will find the explanation of How to find the Vox code with the necessary details.

  In BioShock Infinite we can find many secrets and hidden objects, which finding can be a great challenge due to its difficulty, the objective presented to us this time is to know how to find the Vox code and for this we will have the support of this guide, which brings us all the details about it below.


What is the Vox code in BioShock Infinite?


  There are a total of 3 Vox codes, which we have to decode and for this we must find 3 books of different codes, the books are hidden but the solution is possible that we have it in sight, being on the written walls, there are more for know, so let's move on.

How to find the Vox code in BioShock Infinite?


 Vox 1 code


 In the patriot section of the soldier's camp we can find the first Vox code book, in the building, entering we will notice a cannon that is in the middle of the room, here the book will be inside, exactly in front of the building, there is a bar called The Fellow Traveler, in the bathroom we will notice on the wall the Vox Cipher, this code will indicate that the envelope we must bow to the Vox, then we enter the second bathroom of this bar and the hat we go to see hanging on a shelf, to access a secret room we have to interact with it.


 Vox 2 code


 In the place of Zeal in Good Time there is the second book, to access this area we must have advanced enough in history, in this way we will reach this basement, next to an oven we will find this book upside down in a few boxes, to access your encryption we must have a pick, the code will be in the closed watch shop next to the Plaza del Cielo, so that we can enter we will use a lock, once we have encoded it It will tell us that the broken clock sounds at midnight, which means that to receive the reward we have to make the time change at 12:00 on the clock on the right.


 Vox Code 3


 The last of the code books, will be in the basement of Hudson's Fine Clothing, in a store that is in complete disorder, we will find the book on a shelf that is located next to the sink on the floor below, while the third code is located on the prophet's bench, near a vault, in a room we will find a blood writing on the wall, so that Elizabeth reads the code we will walk forward, where she will say that she writes three letters to spell the voice, then we it will only be to interact with the typewriter that is on the desktop in this way all the codes will be completed.

 In this way we reach the end of this BioShock Infinite guide now that we know how to find the Vox code and can enjoy the rewards for this achievement.

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