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Biomutant has already been released, and many players are wondering how to fix UE4 fatal error, so stay tuned because here we will tell you how to fix it.

What is the Biomutant UE4 fatal error?

This is an error that the players have encountered due to the instability of the graphics card, this can occur due to several things, the fact is that it causes the game to simply stop, and we find this fatal error. So pay attention because here we will tell you how to fix  fatal error UE4, since we have covered all the cases for which this error occurs so that you know what to do before any situation.

How to fix fatal UE4 error in Biomutant?

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    Before telling, you how to fix  fatal error UE4, we mention again that it is possible your graphics card is presenting instability problems. This can occur initially from outdated drivers, so our first recommendation is that you make sure to update your graphics drivers.

    Another culprit in the graphics card is the high stress that your graphics chip could be subjecting, so we recommend reducing the game settings, which will lower the workload of both the graphics and the rest of the components.

    If before the arrival of Biomutant, you overclocked your GPU using software such as GeForce Experience or MSI Afterburner, we recommend disabling this program to reverse overclocking, as this can cause more than one problem in this and other games. So completely and all areas disable any overclocking software that may be causing this problem.

    This also includes factory overclocking or overclocking caused during the turbo mode of the Intel CPU, in this case you will have to access the BIOS and verify that the clock speed is set by default.

    Finally, you can try limiting the amount of FPS of the game from the NVIDIA control panel, since a fluctuating amount of FPS can cause you to run into this problem.

    That's all you have to know about how to fix UE4 fatal error in Biomutant, so now that you have it, we hope you can correct this error as quickly as possible, remember to try each solution one by one until you find the correct one for you .

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