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Things can sometimes get a bit more complex in Biomutant and therefore it is necessary to know how to change the difficulty.

What's the point of changing the difficulty in Biomutant?

It is necessary to take into account that the more difficult the difficulty, the more complex the fighting will be, that is a nature, for this it is necessary to make some adjustments that can adapt to our abilities, the idea is to save our protagonist in any way, and to give you more details about it we are here today.

How to change the difficulty in Biomutant?

This is a simple enough option for which you need:
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    • Press the Options button in the case of PS4, Esc in the case of PC.
    • Then we proceed to select "Settings".
    • When opening the radial menu with Character, Map, Equipment and System we must select "System".
    • Next we will see the option "Difficulty" in "Game".
    • It is necessary to select between the Easy, Normal or Hard options.
    • Once we are fine with the chosen difficulty, it is necessary to exit the menu.
    • The game automatically saves any changes related to settings, including difficulty.

    Changing the difficulty allows us to have the possibility of hitting, in this way it is possible to cause more damage and therefore defend ourselves more easily.

    Now that you know how to change the difficulty, it is time to adapt it and thus be the winner in a more comfortable way in Biomutant.

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