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With our Beyond a Steel Sky guide you will learn more about How to get Racquel down from the building

What to know about Racquel in Beyond a Steel Sky?

The use of the monopod is necessary so that she can leave the top of the building where she is stuck, since there is no other way to get down, the officer will have to clear the area to use the monopod without problems. Now to see everything with more details related to How to get Racquel down from the building, let's see the following content.

How to get Racquel down from the building in Beyond a Steel Sky?

 We have to make a change in the configuration of the robot, for this we have to go back in our journey arriving to the apartments to find it first, then the change we will make will change from being clean inside to cleaning the outside, what we will do is talk to Racquel on this fact of the robot for her use it to go down, because the robot was outside at that moment, to take advantage of it there should be no water in it so that it can be used when she proceeds to jump.

What we will do with the water is remove our Minos and we will change the option that indicates 0 percent to 100 percent, for that we are going to place ourselves to the right of the robot and we will be sure that when Racquel climbs into it it does not contain water, in the event that she already tried to get the robot down but did not do it by the water, we are going to have to do the part of talking to her again to tell her to do it again.

 We hope this information on How to get Racquel down from the building is very useful for your fun and progress at Beyond a Steel Sky.

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