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Find out how to open vault in Stumped in this excellent and explanatory guide from Battletoads.

What to Know About Battletoads's Stumped Vault?

One of the collectibles is inside this vault, this is from stage 2, throughout this game we will get many platforms and objects to collect, which to access these it is necessary to solve puzzles as we will have to do in this opportunity to access a vault, being our objectives in stage 5 to complete the level in the required time and for stage 2 to get the fights of rank A, if we want to know how to open the vault in Stumped, we have to see the following explanation that will be featured in this guide, let's do it then.
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    How to open vault in Stumped in Battletoads?

    When we reach the end of stage 2 we have that there is a dead end with a lever, we will go through a series of electrical circuit puzzles, almost the entire stage will be like this, so we must be prepared, we will reach a puzzle point at To also get to the vault we have to go through it easily, we just have to be aware, we will see a symbol that is associated with the collectible in the object store, we will notice it on the screen, we have to make the symbol manage to coincide with the object in the same order that it is presented on the board, it is possible that by means of a capture or by checking the solution we can return to an object workshop.

     By successfully placing the symbols it is possible to make an interaction with the safe that is on the right, here we will find the collectible, we take it and thus we end with this scenario, the next thing will be to continue with the progress Normal game, at the end of this level we must face a complicated boss, so it is ideal to keep in mind that the battle is rank A from here, the collectibles await us so let's move on.

     This is all there is to know about How to Open Vault in Stumped, allowing us to continue progressing and having fun at Battletoads.

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