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Guide to learn how to attack in Battletoads

  With the return of this video game classic, many gamers have returned to their youth just to remember and get an eye on the Battletoads game. In general, it maintains almost the same dynamics as before but with modifications adapted to current video game trends. Because of this, not many know very well how to attack in the game, and that is why we have created this guide
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    How to attack in Battletoads?

    Basic attacks can be executed as follows by pressing the X button.

    • -press the Y button executes a launcher attack
    • -the B button triggers a transform attack
    • -Smash Hit attacks are executed by pressing the X and B buttons at the same time.

    Each variant has its own ideal range, the amount of damage it can deal, and the best situations to use them. As such, it's a good idea to test each one against different enemies to get an idea of ​​when and how to maximize their effectiveness.

    On the other hand we have the combined attacks in Battletoads. Different moves can be put together to form special combos that juggle enemies and deal heavy damage.

    Basic hits can lead to morph or throwing techniques, which can then be followed by a Smash hit to send enemies flying.

    There are also a number of different combos for you to discover, making for an arsenal of highly varied moves so that you have a huge variety to choose from.

     Now that you know how to attack in Battletoads you will be able to launch more precise blows at the moment you find yourself in battles finishing everything quickly and cleanly. Luck!

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