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Battlefield 5 has had fewer sales than Battlefield 1 in the United Kingdom.

2018-12-02 23:09:19

In a Black Friday campaign Battlefield V is launched on a sales list where FIFA 19 is confirmed as the successful one in recent days. It was reported that the last game of DICE had lower physical sales than its opposite that of Battle On November 20 the game was on sale for a good time this allowed to observe the interest of the players the sale was less than Battlefield 1 since its launch was made. The game Battlefield V has sold 63% less than the title of 2016.

I anticipate the digital distribution of the game with the Deluxe Edition, where before you could play with Origin Access Premier digital sales were growing big in relation to what it was in two years, but if we compare sales with their biggest rival, sold were less than Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII in physical format. And it can be said that they are inferior to those of the Battlefield Hardline spin-off One of the games that has been maintained and evolved Battlefield V is a great FPS that is a very successful game and enjoyment with a new historical framework, more dynamic and action during the games. The absence of rewards and micropayment boxes that affect progression has been a success, achieving a balanced breakthrough and the most satisfying gaming experience of recent years