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Barotrauma: Submarine Editor Basics - All you need to know

2019-06-12 17:03:11

Barotrauma: Basic concepts about the submarine editor: everything you need to know

This is all you need to know about the basics of theSubmarine Editor in Barotrauma if you are a fan of the game.

Barotrauma is a game that allows you to explore a strange new world in the orbit of Jupiter, where you must direct your crew and create teams to enjoy a 2D experience. If you want to know what are the basic concepts about the submarine editor of Barotrauma, then continue reading.

Submarine-building masterclass (at 15x speed)

Fundamentals of the Submarine Editor for Barotrauma

Easy part of the Submarine Editor for Barotrauma

First of all, keep in mind that making a submarine is very demanding and often it is not the most fun thing in the world. The editor of the Barotrauma submarine may not be so easy to use, this may be one of the reasons why the workshop loading managers have not provided much information on how to use it. Without a doubt, it is something you need to experience for yourself.

Barotrauma Controls

These in general terms are quite similar to the normal game, mainly based on finding out where to put what and how to make things work together. Use the DEL key on the keyboard to delete objects, but you can also use WASD and the mouse to zoom in and out or navigate the area.

By entering the secondary editor, you will see a blue background and several menus around the edges of the game. At the top, you have your file controls and Submarine pleasure. This allows you to place the outline of a submarine in the editor. When you load the Sub into the game, the Sub will be approved, connecting it to a docking hatch on board the actual submarine.

Then you will have the Back, Open and Save buttons. If you use the open button, you can access all your current sub files and upload them. Note that editing a submarine that you have already opened will not change the subfile, unless you have saved it in the original subfile.

Did you overwrite a vanilla sub by accident in Barotrauma?

Do not worry, create a backup using the file verification system in Properties. Simply create a modified version of a vanilla sub if you open the .sub file, with this you can modify it and save it with a different name.

This allows you to keep the default subcomponent that comes with the game or the original file.

Wiring mode - Submarine Editor in Barotrauma

For this you must know how to wire things and how the wiring works.

Character mode - Submarine Editor in Barotrauma

This mode allows you to store items in containers. However, if you are not in this mode, you have your editor box at the bottom. Find and place an item in the editor and enter character mode, select it in character mode and then place the item in a container or a weapon.

The character mode offers you the possibility to interact with things as if you were a character, this does not generate a character or real entity in the game. Although you can also wire things in this mode.

Visibility - Submarine Editor

Its tab is located on the left side by default. Alternating walls, lighting, elements, structures, crossing points, spawn points, links, hulls and holes. The lighting serves for any light you have on board, also makes the background darker, giving it a real touch.

On the other hand, the articles are for things like manufacturers and storage. Waypoints are only used for AI, while spawn points are where you and your crew breed, but if you have none, you breed next to the colony and die almost instantly by pressure.

The walls are the backgrounds. These do not have a collision and although they are not necessary to prevent water from entering, they are highly recommended for the interior of a submarine. The structures are conformed by: the floor, the roof, the doors and the shell of the submarine / ferry.

Helmets - Submarine Editor

These mark the interior of the shuttle: if there is a helmet, the water will not be there. The helmets also serve for individual rooms. A helmet is not recommended for the entire submarine, as this could mean that a small leak floods the whole thing. The gaps fulfill the function of separating the hulls and allowing air and water to pass. Although, most doors and hatches automatically generate gaps.

The complicated part of Submarine Editor for Barotrauma

Conchas - Submarino Editor at Barotrauma

The shells are the outer part of the ship. These have a collision that players can not get through. Helmets are not necessary in the space between a room and a shell. It should be noted that Barotrauma has multiple shells available, however, currently there are only 2 variants available: Shuttle shells and Shell A. Each variant has multiple grades.

What is recommended to place the shells is to reflect them, that is, if you click on the shell, you will see a series of options and data that appear. Near the bottom of the interface there are a series of buttons, labeled "Mirror X", "Mirror Y", and some others. Among those "Mirror Y" will be the most useful to create the bottom of the ship. Finally, most shells or shell objects are designed for specific vanilla boats. Although, Shell-A is used for all boats.

Walls- Submarino Editor at Barotrauma

These turn out to be a bit difficult to place and their scaling is a bit strange. However, if you want to make some adjustments, you have the option to edit the texture scale by clicking on them.

Interior walls - Submarine Editor in Barotrauma

These are walls that have collisions where players can walk. This is how you make the rooms. There are not many wall variations, but you will achieve it.

So we conclude with the basic concepts about the submarine editor of Barotrauma.

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