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Barotrauma: How The Reactor Works

2019-06-13 17:55:42

In this opportunity we will show you the correct way to make the Reactor work, the semi-complex machine of Barotrauma.

How does the Reactor work in Barotrauma?

The first thing you have to take into account is that you must maintain your heat level between these two red indicators, since being too low or high will cause power problems and most likely problems in the reactor.

The charge will show you the amount of energy the submarine currently needs. So you should be very careful, because if that number is passed, the batteries will be overloaded, and may cause the junction boxes to overheat or break.

The alerts in Barotrauma

Covers important alerts

Convert a normal sub into a large sub just by monitoring the reactor alerts. If you are using automatic control, you should only have the low output icon almost all the time, but do not worry, it is normal, this will not take you to explode. However, it can cause other problems if it blinks at the wrong time.

Avoid excessive heating

If you are manually controlling the reactor, the dangerous beast could be a problem. In that case, there is always a minute and a half before the entire reactor burst into flames when it blinks. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid manually controlling the reactor.

Fission and Turbines

These tools are considered the most important, you will usually see them when you are manually controlling the reactor, since these allow you to precisely control the output of your reactor and the heat.


This will produce the heat you need to convert it into energy.


This will take over the heat and turn it into energy. If you have the turbine off and the melt on you will notice much more heat than when the turbine was on.


Generally, a button allows you to trigger what can be located in the navigation console. Use this only when you know it is over and you can not do anything to fix the fire.

Basically in this way the Reactor works in Barotrauma.
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