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ASTRONEER Guide: Extend Your Range

2019-06-11 18:24:42

We will show you how to extend your rank in Astroneer

How to extend the distance (Tips and tricks)

Reach Hacks:

We have all done a great job of research, move each individual element of a few feet, run and repeat a bit more. Fortunately, this process can be done much faster by making your characters reach a greater distance. If you use your tool 'E', your rank in Astroneer is almost double.

Retrench of space:

As we know the construction of a base on another planet is difficult to carry out sometimes, and it is much more difficult to deal with the logistical nightmare that is space travel. A spaceship in Astroneer has anywhere from 0-64 items normally , and packages for larger items will eat most of this Astroneer Space.


I can bring 1 aluminum and 2 composite instead of a floor centrifuge, leaving 5 additional slots in a storage medium for printers / RTGs / platforms / resin.

Half used hydrazine cans will still be taken by the chemistry lab to elaborate otherwise.

Put 2 large storage modules inside the large boat. They fit inside to double the load capacity.

Repack research pods to fit in your backpack.

Security First

I find myself dying a lot in ASTRONEER, most times I have to admit myself.

Some tips to survive a little longer in Astroneer:

If you are heading to a well, do not jump out. Your seat will cancel all your fall damages

Hydrazine is explosive, so try to avoid dangerous plants as much as possible while carrying it.

Do not put dynamite in a shredder. I have learned that the hard way.

If you carry a vehicle in the caves, and are about to die because of the dangerous plants, enter. The plants will not be seen inside the seat.

ASTRONEER - Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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