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In Astral Chain, you have many challenges to face and win, in this guide we will give you some tips and tricks so you can beat Enceladus, one of the most imposing beasts.

Precisely Enceladus is the first challenge you have to face and win in Astral Chain, being the first match you will not be familiar to face it so it would be a waste of time to start the fight before knowing how to beat Enceladus. Here we will explain.

How to beat Enceladus in Astral Chain?

At the moment your best defense is to keep your distance and that of your astral chain before Enceladus, this character runs very often, before starting his career he will look at a bright light on the road indicating which place he will run to. This is where you must prepare the attack trick that is the following: keep playing near that reflex, and make sure that your legion is on the other side, when Enceladus hurries in his career he will get entangled in your chain and will be thrown back.

When he falls he will be surprised analyzing what happened, you must take advantage of that moment of distraction so that you prepare with your legion the attack that will do a lot of damage, with your weapon it will not cause much damage in itself, so take advantage of the cane and attack it With many hits, your legion will take care of the rest.

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    You must be very attentive in Astral Chain, since Enceladus will periodically launch a strange circle charged with energy to your contour. You will not be able to do anything to destroy it but your legion can do it, you just have to watch a bright light direct your legion towards it and it will destroy it immediately.

    You have to be very cautious if you want to defeat Enceladus, this will launch several very powerful attacks that will do you too much damage, however you can dodge many of these attacks, every time you dodge an attack take advantage of it to do as much damage as possible. When you observe that Enceladus reduced the speed to attack, do your best to stay behind him covering him so that he can attack you and then attack him with his legion and your weapon.

    Make sure that Enceladus doesn't do much damage to your legion in Astral Chain

    You have to make sure that Enceladus does not do much damage to your legion in Astral Chain, if he does your legion he will return to Legatus causing everything to be delayed in a useful time to be able to take it out again. Unfortunately, if your legion suffers too much damage, you will greatly reduce the damage that you could cause to Enceladus, it would also make the fight even more extensive. If you stay stable and take care of your legion you can beat Enceladus sooner than you can imagine.

    We hope you follow our tips and tricks of this guide in Astral Chain, and you can beat Enceladus, remember that you must not unprotect your legion so that you can defeat it completely, otherwise it will be very difficult and lasting.

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