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Astral Chain: How to Beat Boss Final Noah Prime

2019-09-02 15:58:31

We have prepared for you a guide to explain how to beat Noah Prime in Astral Chain.

In which battle to defeat Noah Prime within Astral Chain?

Recall that Astral Chain in the first instance contains many fights, most are quite challenging, in some cases it has spoliers, warnings, but it is without a doubt the final battle where the greatest battle is concentrated in the game, since this is where we will achieve Our goal is to defeat Noah Prime.

Beating Noah Prime is not so simple, because he is already the final boss, therefore it is stronger, among many aspects one is discarded and it is that we will have to climb the ARI building, there you will face Yoseph Calvard in combat, when you are in the top, because some fighting is important before beating our adversary, another of the not-so-important adversaries with whom you must fight is your brother Akira, also with the evil versions of the legions in Astral Chain.

The previous battles are relatively simple, that means you have to overcome them easily and for that you keep normal fights. Now, Yoseph is quite upset, so the fight with this opponent will take place in three sequences.

In the first sequence of combat, you simply need to dodge the huge attacks of Chimera, so you should not attack, just focus on jumping from one platform to another, for this it is essential to use the legion jump ZL + ZR. Then you will need to change your legion faster, either sword or arrow and once it appears on the platform, direct the legion towards it and jump, it will attract the boss so that in this way the second sequence of the combat begins, there you you face a floating orbiting orb is quite rare, so look for ways to cause considerable damage quickly.

Your enemy stays in a specific place, but from there he launches attacks against you, so it is important that you take full advantage of your legion skills, because, with this you must cause as much damage as possible, an important device to use , it would be the legion of the sword and its ability of the round blade, or if you prefer another favorable alternative is, some ability of legion and Power Charge, or Rush Attack, just remember to use it consecutively and when you see purple lines in the floor, it is necessary to avoid them, because probably an attack will leave the ground, since the adversary has ethereal tentacles and this prevents you from doing something, so be sure to hit ZL quickly, it summons your legion in Astral Chain and so You can get out of the fight.

It is evident that our adversary is strong, so it contains a number of quite dangerous attacks, among which is a purple barrier if it is placed around you in a circle and it closes simply causing too much damage when you touch it, so Prudence, because to get out of this ambush you must control your legion, then move it to the 4 purple crystals that keep floating outside, you must make them attack and break, then clean all the glass and in this way the barrier will It disappears, on the other hand, there is another attack and it is of giant rainbow sparks, these blow the circle above, there you need to go back and generate an attack with a weapon and the legion arrow in Astral Chain.

You will see that your adversary gradually lowers your health a little, but that is bad, because he will attack more often, and with more force, so he will focus on giving more to your legion, so you should focus on combat, and try to take care of your articles as much as possible, as well as the fusion legion, this happens because the final sequence is a bit more complex, then try to gather as much as you can, dodge and attack with your legion, so that the orb Rare is not an inconvenience, when this happens, you fall into an ambush because Yoseph Calvert has merged and calls itself Noah Prime.

How to beat Noah Prime in Atral Chain?

Beating Noah Prime is quite complex, because it is really a very strong and fearful adversary, well, it makes many attacks a little crazy, so the previous fights are absolutely nothing compared to this battle, anyway, do not have fear, here you must use all the items you have, in song to cause damage and generate recovery, if in your elements you have a grenade, it is time to use it, when thrown at the boss, you can take away your health.

In this combat, the boss will do everything possible to cause some cracks in the ground, so you must dodge them, on the other hand, he makes some purple orbs, you must also dodge them, because they bring great blinding speed. Remember that the biggest drawback in this fight is that your opponent causes too much damage when he generates a hit, so your best option is to dodge it.

If between your arsenal, you have drinks, push them, since you have the advantage of forcing the boss, and being able to establish Auto-Blind, this is one of his legions and you can go crazy with it.

The attacks of our adversary are strong, so be careful, because, normally, it attacks on the ground, it makes it deform, below where you are, when this happens use the legion Beast and ride, our adversary, it will start to launch purple orbs, and they are high that is a disadvantage that you will have, then you will have to go back down to the ground, as quickly as possible, you can use the capacity L of the legion of the Ax that serves for defense, but batteries, because energy may collapse when done.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the boss's attacks are hard and if he creates a vortex to suck, you must quickly switch to the best legion you have and it is legion L, jump on it and escape, well, if they suck you, your enemy will catch you in a circle, and will create an explosion, this could cause you to die immediately, then, in battle, this enemy will create a corridor, and look for ways to go to the end of it, but it does not do so without before shoot a ray harmful enough, so you will need to use the Beast legion, to close, because this ray can cause considerable damage, zebras attack whenever possible and when you see that you are in trouble, back off so you can talk about health, you must keep the legion constantly attacking, if you managed to save the merger, use it, because it causes a lot of damage.

On the other hand, as beating Noah Prime is quite complex, it opens your eyes well, because when this adversary reaches 30% of your health, it will transform and take a more harmful form, although the attacks will remain almost the same, but, the speed with which it moves through the ceiling and the projectiles that it uses if they generate a huge and consecutive explosions, it uses the devastating attack, so at this moment you must throw a little reverse and pepper the boss with his weapon, then use his legion to absorb damage and fight in Astral Chain.

Finally, use his Gladius to cause a couple of hits that cause enough damage and get out fast, then make sure you use the AED recovery charges, use medicine if you need it, and everything you have with it, so you can put the enemy of knees and so you beat Noah Prime in the game.

We hope this guide is useful, so you know how you can do to beat Noah Prime in the Astral Chain game, a long but satisfying battle at the end.

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