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With our Ashes of Creation guide you will learn more about how to fix the play button error.

What to know about Ashes of Creation?

With the arrival of this game in its alpha phase it is possible to find some errors, such as the one that occurs at that moment that is related to the play button, what happens is that when you press it nothing happens, without starting load and the beginning even, then to see how to solve the error of the play button it is appropriate that we take into account the following details, let's see.

How to fix the play button error in Ashes of Creation?

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On the part of the developers, we are told that it is a problem with the server, which can be solved with a change in it, so doing so should help us return to action, now if we still have this problem, what We will do is keep switching between servers until we manage to connect, it is certainly somewhat cumbersome, but it must be taken into account that for this reason the testing phases exist of the games to detect this type of situations, considering that large-scale games such as the multiplayer one gets to see these problems, we are before a broad game of exploration and participation in tremendous wars, something that promises a lot of dynamics and mobility for the players.

  Knowing how to correct the play button error is interesting because it will allow us to enter the fun content that is offered to us in Ashes of Creation.

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