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Today we bring you a Ashes of Creation guide where we will tell you How to check the status of the server.

What does it mean to check the server status in Ashes of Creation?

Simply having the opportunity to take a look when the game hangs on us, this often happens with online games and perhaps for this reason some users may not find this very interesting, they try to connect to the platform and sometimes It has complicated, in this case it is vital to check if the problem is ours or that of the developers and to give you details on how to do it we are here.

How to check server status in Ashes of Creation?

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  • When we have downloaded the launcher of this game it is usually necessary to load it and take a look at the bottom on the left side where it clearly says "Server status".
  • Then we click in order to access the developers' website where the status of the server is indicated, as well as any errors that may have occurred in the most recent two weeks.
  • It is possible to access all the relevant information regarding the current status of the server and any update that the team is interested in providing to the community.
  • It is possible to access Twitter support to get updates on a server-related problem and we are even allowed to go to the Intrepid Studios support page.

  In this sense, knowing how to verify the status of the server is usually a necessary task in order to continue enjoying Ashes of Creation.

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