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Ark Valguero: how to get to all Caves - aberration, Temple, Spider, etc.

2019-08-17 18:39:52

If you are wondering how to get to all the caves of Ark Valguero? Look no further, here we have the answer to all your questions.

This time we have prepared for you a series of indications that will allow you to reach all the ARKValguero caves, since it is finally found available in ARK: Survival Evolved. So if you want to discover all the locations to reach all the caves next to us, then continue reading.

How to get to all Ark Valguero caves?

The first thing you should know is that in Ark Valguero there are several caves, which you can configure in your base. Pay close attention, then we will show you the locations of caves that are present in Ark Valguero. It should be noted that the locations do not have a specific order:

How to get to Western Cave:

It can serve you as a provisional home, in case you are starting again in the game, it also has great resources.
  • Location: 60, 10.

How to get to Cave inside a cave:

It is a large space cave. To enter you can do it either through the waterfall or the smaller waterfalls at the base. Once inside you can find an underwater cave inside the cave, that is, it has a hidden cave. However, you will have to make sure that their roads are protected.
  • Location: western part of the map (33, 10).

How to get to Network of narrow caves:

You can use this hiding place, keeping you safe from any danger.
  • Location: 53, 87

How to get to Red Obelisk Cave:

cave quite small, which can serve you to rest.
  • Location: 82, 25.

How to get to Under the castle cave:

In this cave you will get a fairly large area that can serve you for breeding, since you will also have access to a lot of water.
  • Location: 37, 90

How to get to Wyvern Trenches:

Head northeast from this location to hunt a Wyvern, plus you can take advantage of the eggs and nests that are inside.
  • Location: 07, 77.

How to get to Ice Cave:

Small cave, whose interior hides an artifact. It can also serve as a hiding place.
  • Location: 15, 27.

How to get to Aberration Zone Cave:

Here you can find creatures of Aberration, you can also practice some hunting.
  • Location: 38, 57

How to get to Spider Cave:

It could be the cave that you get the most out of, as it is close to many resources. It will also be very useful when you want to beat the boss Valguero. But keep in mind that you will need water diving equipment.
  • Location: 73, 40.

How to get to Temple Cave:

cave full of artifacts, it will also be very useful to defeat the Valguero boss.
  • Location: 44, 84

This would be basically all you need to know to get to all the caves of Ark Valguero.