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ARK Survival Evolved is a very busy game and today leads us to discover How to make dye.

What to know about ARK Survival Evolved?

The central objective of this game is to survive, therefore we will face needs to find resources of vital importance for this, while facing the prehistoric fauna, we will manage to access interesting things in the environment around us, crafts, weapons, shelters and fuel has its important role for technology, having the opportunity to experience we will be taken with the need for How to make dye and to orient ourselves only have to consider some indications that are presented below.

How to make dye in ARK Survival Evolved?

Certainly it is possible to apply the dye to many things, starting even from our body to the animals that we have domesticated, there are 25 different colors that we can use, now on How to make dye is important to have a cooking pot or industrial, which is very accessible from the very beginning in ARK Survival Evolved, being necessary at the same time stone, straw, wood and flint, adding bonfire and fuel for the use of the mass, then having an oven we must consider the recipe for coloring, which requires water, a wineskin or jar of water, material for burning as coal, gunpowder or gunpowder sparks and for the determination of the color we will depend on the berries.

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    It should be noted the existence of a total of 5 berries, which are comprised in ARK Survival Evolved by amarberry, azulberry, tintoberry, narcoberry and stimberry, the minimum required of these berries is 15 for the simplest colors, but in the case of the complex ones is presented in stock a total of 18, the ones corresponding to the 15 depend on the coal while the others depend on the powder or spark, then on How to make dye we will have access to the creation of different colors depending on the type of berry, being the herbivorous island the best place to find them, because there are enough resources and few enemies that can be an obstacle, with carrying out the process we can obtain 5 dyes.

     It is important that we have the painting equipment before we go to use the dye, being a brush or sprayer, being the brush simpler to obtain, it requires wood, skin and straw, while in the case of the sprayer is more difficult, because we must have a manufacturer that accesses the rarest items, such as glass and polymer, the use of the brush is to choose the color of the dye to drag it to the brush in the inventory menu, this will serve as a weapon that allows us to paint with each hit we perform.

    We can conclude that knowing how to make dye is easier than we thought with these indications, just apply them and follow the fun in ARK Survival Evolved.

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