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Our tour of Ark Survival Evolved has allowed us to stay alive, see which cheat commands are affected here.

Why talk about cheat commands in Ark Survival Evolved?

In the first instance because we are in a game where we keep alive in a prehistoric world it is vital, because the ideal is to make everything elementary simple this this on our side, and it is these last trick commands that seek to achieve it, in the same way mode activate God mode and get some interesting dinosaur objects, although this can be classified as a cheat it is a less complex way of going through the game without having to fall down every so often and get up because we probably have no idea what to do in Ark Survival Evolved, because here we are facing an enormous challenge from which it is necessary to get out alive.

To start the cheat commands it is necessary to consider having clear the following button combinations, because they are crucial.

  • If we are using the PS4 it is necessary to use: L1, R1, Square and Triangle.
  • If we are playing on Xbox One it is necessary to use: LB, RB, X, Y.
  • If our game is on the PC it is necessary to use: the tab key, although we can also familiarize ourselves with the keyboard and the mouse.

The cheat commands allow us to achieve a fairly simple life in Ark Survival Evolved since they are an advance to avoid getting stuck, the good thing is that they work for both single player and multiplayer, only in this second option it is necessary to consider the administrator password , if for some reason we play on a server, it is most likely that we will be asked to put the prefix admincheat. In this sense, this makes life easier for us in Ark Survival Evolved, so let's see this list that we will leave below with these interesting commands.

What are the player console cheat commands in Ark Survival Evolved?

Cheats console commands.
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    God mode in Ark Survival Evolved.

    • GMBuff: It has the ability to combine the effects of God mode and InfinteStats with additional experience points.
    • Infinite statistics: The statistics have no limit and this allows us to have oxygen, resistance, food, water and above all recharge health.
    • God: The cheat commands allow us to access in a less complex way and change to the God mode whose determination is to avoid all damages except for being drowned.
    • Invisible enemy: it is possible to count on the detail that can attack and that creatures can leave us alone.
    • Leve Me Alone: ​​It is great to have these cheat commands, since for this specific requirement of making combinations in the God way, we combine


    • Change size: it allows us to count on the value to adjust the size of our character, since it comes as default 1.
    • Flying: Presents the ability for the person to fly.
    • Walk: One of the changes that we can achieve is walking and for this it only requires the effects of ghosts and flies.
    • Ghost: We have the possibility of making our character have the option of passing through objects.

    Make use of teleportation.

    The cheat commands here are abundant and this allows us to always have a step forward in Ark Survival Evolved.

    • Teleportation: We have the possibility of going forward always on the move until at some point we possibly collide with an object.
    • Teleport To Player: We have the ability to move our character to the specified player.
    • TPCoords: At this point we are allowed to move our character to a certain GPS location, since we have some coordinates of Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.
    • Teleport Player ID To Me: We can get the specified player to move towards us.
    • Teleport to the player's name: This option allows us to target a specific player.
    • Teleport Player Name To Me: It is possible to move the player towards us.

    Creative Mode at Ark Survival Evolved.

    The cheat commands allow us to have the possibility to make some changes in order to choose to survive with a little more peace of mind, and the good thing is that while we are in creative mode there is no type of restriction in terms of manufacturing or weight requirements. .

    • Give creative mode: This allows us to put ourselves in creative mode.
    • Give the player creative mode: We can choose to put the player in creative mode.
    • Give creative mode to target: Requires placing the target player while in creative mode.

    What are the cheat commands for spawning weapons, items, and armor in Ark Survival Evolved?

    The weapons in Ark Survival Evolved allowed us a spectacular quality and level for our enemies' defenders, but the ones specifically specified to be more effective.

    • . 0. at this level we have a primitive weapon because here we see the Pike, the Spear, the Ball and the Bow.
    • 1. Here we are getting close to basic movements, since we can see the long neck rifle, some grenades, shotguns, an assault rifle and swords.
    • 2. For this advanced level we find loads of C4, Rocket Launcher, a compound bow and a sniper rifle.
    • 3. This is the highest level the Tek and here we have more interesting options, because we get tek weapons such as sword, pistol, grenade and tek rifle

    The quality of the weapons has certain considerations ranging from Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Traveler, Master, Ascendant and alpha, since the settings can have modifications optionally and range from 0 to 20.

    Give Armor Set: You can give us a full armor but this can only come to an agreement on level and quality to equip it.

    The armor.

    Cheat commands are also available for armor and this involves some settings including skin, desert, riot, diving, or level hazard which are:

    • 0: Fabric.
    • 1: fifth.
    • 2: Metal or slag.
    • 3: Tek.

    The quality of the armor is necessary and it is vital to make some adjustments that can go from 0 to 20 or any such as what can be Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Traveler, Master, Ascendant or Alpha, can lead us to achieve some level adjustments with these options:


    • We have 200 stimulating berry.
    • 2 skins of water.
    • 90 cooked meat.


    • Here it is possible to count 200 of stimulating berry.
    • 100 of medical concoction.
    • 90 cooked meat.
    • 2 pitchers of water.
    • 2: we have 2 dining rooms.
    • 100 cactus broth.
    • 100 medical concoctions.
    • 100 energy concoction.
    • 60 of cooked meat.


    • We require 100 medical preparations.
    • 90 of cooked beef jerky.
    • 5 sautéed steak.
    • 5 lazarus soup.
    • 5 enduro stew.
    • 5 focal chili.
    • 100 of nopal broth.
    • It is important to know that:
    • We can get water by recharging in the canteen.
    • The drinks are 100 medical drink and 100 energy drink.

    The food requires 30 jerks of prime meat and the same amount of cooked meat.

    The articles.

    Each item has a capacity of up to 50 units and these are necessary for both us and another player.

    Giving article: this means taking into account, quantity, quality, path of the blueprint and strength of the blueprint.

    Give article to the player: at this point it is necessary to consider the path of the blueprint, the strength of the blueprint, the ID of the player, the quality and quantity.

    Give the item number to the player: for this it is necessary to take into account the Player ID, the blueprint strength, the quality, the quantity and the item number.

    Give the article number: this requires the blueprint strength, article number, quantity and quality.

    The cheat commands in this game usually require quality and strength to make them work easily, but knowing the strength of blueprints is vital is a very delicate matter and it can be:

    • 1 or true to incorporate the plane of weapons and armor.
    • 0 or false to incorporate it in the article as such.

    Here we find:

    • Give only Tek training, this in order to unlock all tek engrams.
    • Give colors because each quantity requested allows us to get a coloring.
    • Give entertainment: This allows us to absolutely unlock all craft recipes.

    What are the cheat commands for spawned and domesticated dinosaurs in Ark Survival Evolved?

    • Force yourself - requires taming the dinosaur if you can.
    • Summon: Depending on the location, it is possible to summon a creature.
    • Force yourself AOE: The ability to tame dinosaurs within a certain radius.
    • GM Summons: It is possible to spawn a tamed creature according to level and type.
    • Give dinosaur game: Make dinosaur game between type and quantity.
    • Summon Domesticated: Spawn a creature disagreeing with the location.

    Creature levels:

    • 0: Raptor, Dilo or Trike.
    • 1: Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo or Raptor.
    • 2: Appear, Therizinasaur, Spino or Rex.
    • 3: Therizinasauir, Daedon, Silla Tek, Yutyrannus, Rex and Rex normal.

    It is possible to incorporate fliers such as: Tapejara with Silla Tek, Pteranodon or Quetzal.

    • Mek Protection: Mek with M.D.S.M element.
    • Mek missile: Mek with M.R.L.M element.
    • Fence Mek: Mek with M.S.C.M barrel bush element.


    • Combat Strength: Reflects the strength of the dinosaur we ride.
    • Extinction: Gas bags, Managarmr, snow owl, velonasaur, (cristuras).

    What are the cheat commands for weather effects in Ark Survival Evolved?

    These only indicate the time and child:

    • Burned Earth: Superheat, Superheat, Sandstorm, sandstorm, thunderstorm, thunderstorm, rain.
    • The island: start time, stop time, heat wave, cold weather, make it rain.
    • Aberration: Start and stop earthquake.
    • Valguero: Spawn arc rain and northern lights test.
    • Ragnarok: Start rain, stop rain, Unicia thunderstorm, stop thunderstorm, Start sandstorm, stop sandstorm, Start overheating, Stop overheating and start volcano.
    • Extinction: Gives the start of meteorites.

    This is all we know about the cheat commands we can get for Ark Survival Evolved, we can guide you and survive in this game.
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