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In the Ark Genesis universe we have many tasks, one of them is where to find consumables and in this guide we will know what to do.

In Ark Genesis we find many things, there are creatures, resources and even hidden database, the DLC brings with it some consumables, in this guide we will have the precise answers that relate to where to find consumables and what effects, statistics they have, let's look carefully The details below.

What should we know about consumables in Ark Genesis?

The detail to consider of greater interest, is that the DLC brought 4 new consumables, which are Ambergris, Bloodstalker egg, Magmasaur egg, Megachelon egg, the specific details of these we will have ahead, so continue reading enough.
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    Where to find consumables in Ark Genesis?

    Megachelon Egg

    With this egg we will be able to create some croquettes with which we can tame the Basilosaurus, Brontosaurus, Brontosaurus, Karkinos, Giganotosaurus, Rex, Hawthorn, Quetzal, Terizinosaurus, we may include it for production in Megachelon Bay, the detail is that if he is in this moment, he may attack us.

    • It decomposes in - 30m
    • Pile size - 100
    • Weight - 50
    • Loot in - 8d
    • Egg size - Extra large
    • Resistance - 130
    • Health - 160
    • Food - 130
    • Type - Egg

    Magmasaur Egg

    One of the consumables also, with this we will be able to create extraordinary croquettes with which to tame Griffin, Megalania, Elemental Rock, Thylacoleo and Yutyrannus, with the incubation of this egg it is possible the production of a Magmasaur baby and it will attack us if we look for it in presence of this.

    • It decomposes in - 30m
    • Pile size - 100
    • Weight - 50
    • Loot in - 8d
    • Egg size - Special
    • Resistance - 35
    • Health - 35
    • Food - 35
    • Type - Egg

    Blood stalking egg

    It is possible to use this kind of eggs as food or create the upper croquettes, in order to be able to tame creatures such as the Allosaurus, Snow Owl, Wooly Rhinoceros, Mammoth, Fatal Bear, Fatal Wolf, Megalosaurus, Plesiosaur, Castroides, and more , we can also incubate it for the production of a bloodsucker baby, but the presence of this when we try to collect the egg, can mean that it attacks us.

    • It decomposes in - 30m
    • Pile size - 100
    • Weight - 8
    • Loot in - 8d
    • Egg Size - Large
    • Resistance - 50
    • Health - 50
    • Food - 50
    • Type - Egg


    The extraction of the nodes of rocks with spikes allows us to obtain Ambergris, we will find it in the Lunar Biome, we can use it as food and for Magmasaurus babies, it is not possible to use in handicrafts.

    • Battery size - 1
    • Weight - 0.1
    • Drop in - 20m
    • Health - (-10)
    • Food -100
    • Type - Resource

    We hope that the information detailed here on where to find consumables has been of your utility to have fun in Ark Genesis.

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