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Ark Genesis: Where to fin Best Bases – Coordinates

2020-03-03 17:26:52

The new expansion of Ark Genesis has already started and that is why today we are going to tell you what are the best base locations.

What are the bases in Ark Genesis.

If you are a new or not very skilled player, you have to know that the bases are structures that you can build in the game and from which you can obtain several benefits, so it will be important to know their locations, something that we had already mentioned referring to the Hidden base locations, but today we will talk about the best base locations.

What are the best base locations in Ark Genesis.

Below on the locations of the bases, we have prepared a selection of the best gathering several of its features, coordinates and other useful details.


This base is in the coordinates: 63.2,65.9 but it is open. Here you can find a large tree in the middle and a lot of flat land around it, as well as resources such as wood, metal, among others.

Ocean Boma

This base is at coordinate 16.9, 44.9, where you will find an excellent place to build a base, with various resources such as wood, rocks and dodos, as well as a path that leads to water sources.


This base is at coordinates 54.9,67.4 and is one of my favorites. Composed of a fairly safe place where you can find wood, stone, metal, and others, as well as a source of water inside a huge tree.

Lava biome

This base is in coordinate 14.6, 67.7. The place is difficult to access, but it is full of resources, it will be very useful for medium and small bases.

Arctic biome

This is located at coordinate 79.0, 16.9. It is a fairly safe and resource-filled site, perfect for small bases.

 Now that you know the best base locations in Ark Genesis and why they are considered in this way we hope you can reach them quickly to mount your strategic fort in the safest points and with the best features of the game.

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