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In the universe of Ark Genesis we have many tasks, one of them is How to unlock the Tek replicator and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Tek replicator in Ark Genesis?

The Tek replicator helps us to create different objects, just like the Skiff Tek Hover and the Hover Skiff we find that what is necessary to choose to get the replicator will be important that we first have the Tekgram, knowing this is key that we pay close attention to What comes in the content below.
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    How to unlock the Tek replicator in Ark Genesis?

    We have already mentioned that first we have to get the Tekgram, for this we have to defeat the final boss, the corrupt master controller, once we kill him we will get it, we have to use the HLNA that will allow us to select the Final Gamma Test mission, in addition , having the Tekgarm we can access the Tek replicator, for the Hover Skiff we will also receive the Tekgram if we finish with the final boss, the access to the replicator will be when opening the hexagon exchange tab in the HLNA, the next thing to do here is that we have to click on the red or yellow loot box, the cost for us to have the Tek replicator is 25k in that loot box, the creation of this replicator will be supported by a supply drawer and additional material, but It should be noted that we will not find this active feature in the game really, what it means for us to get the Tek replicator we must follow the options of the bo boxes red or yellow tub

    Finally, now we know how to unlock the Tek replicator, we can move on in Ark Genesis without any problem.

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