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Once again with ARK Genesis, but this time to tell you how to tame the blood stalker.

Who is the ARK Genesis blood stalker.

It is one of the best tameable creatures in the game, it has the ability to get attached to the branches and walls of the trees, which allows it to move in a much faster and more efficient way. For this and other details many players are trying to tame this creature and here we will tell you how to do it.
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    How to tame the blood stalker in ARK Genesis.

    To tame this creature is quite easy, first of all you have to get a syringe with which you will have to make a good amount of blood packets, at least about 200.

    When you have them you must go to the Bog biome where you can find this creature in the trees. When you find her get close enough until she attracts you avoiding attacking her or you will ruin the domestication process. Let it absorb the blood packets from your inventory to tame it, once it absorbs about 100 it will be enough.

    When it is domesticated it will give you height advantage and a better view of its surroundings, in addition, you can also mark creatures in different colors for easier identification, in addition to that you can mount and shoot at the same time with very good precision.

     Now that you know how to tame the blood stalker in ARK Genesis, we hope you can quickly tame this creature and take advantage of all the advantages it offers, so good luck. Remember that in our previous articles you will find a lot of content related to the game and that it will be useful for you.

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