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ARK Genesis: How to Tame a Magmasaur

2020-02-28 13:59:44

If you want to know how to tame a magmasaur in ARK Genesis this guide is perfect for you because it covers everything you need to know.

What is a magmasaur in ARK Genesis.

It is one of the creatures that you can tame in the game, although as such the process is a little different from other creatures, that's why we have prepared this guide to tell you how to do it.

How to tame a magmasaur in ARK Genesis.

As such it is not possible to tame an adult species of this creature, in order to have a specimen tamed you will have to steal its eggs and hatch them. These eggs can easily be found in the volcanic zone, specifically at the top of the volcano, where the cave entrance is marked with purple crystals. 

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    • The coordinates of the cave are:
    • 33.2 Latitude and 82.5 Longitude.
    • 29.2 Latitude and 78.3 Longitude.

    Just try to be careful of the projectiles that the magmasaurs will fire at you. An excellent strategy is to do this with a partner, while you or your partner throw the creatures away and the other one steals the eggs.

    When you have the egg you will simply have to hatch it in the same way as you would another while feeding it with Ambergris, although when it hatches its favourite foods will be giant honey, raw meat, stone, cooked meat, raw meat, vegetables, cooked meat and berries.

    Keep in mind that this is a creature capable of resisting lava, heat and almost anything related to fire, it can also act as a Refining Forge that you can use to melt metal and more.

    This is all you need to know if you were wondering how to tame a magmasaur in ARK Genesis, so now all you can do is get on the lookout for this creature and tame it. Remember that we have a lot of content about other creatures and in general about the game will be very useful in the game.

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