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Ark Genesis: How To Get Tek Hover Skiff

2020-03-10 09:52:30

The new challenges in Ark Genesis lead us to explain how to get the Tek Hover Skiff accurately.

In Ark Genesis we have included a new form of transport, very useful and reliable, in the recent expansion that was in the game is here to be part of our adventure, in this way we want the necessary answers that help us know How to get the Tek Hover Skiff and for this we have this guide.

What should we know to get the Tek Hover Skiff in Ark Genesis?

The first thing to note about the Tek Hover Skiff is that we are not going to be able to get it in the beginning, once we beat the final boss of the game it will be possible, although it has its high degree of difficulty, with this we will be able to achieve the great advantage of having a transport throughout the game, in a practical way, to know how to get the Tek Hover Skiff let's move on.

How to get the Tek Hover Skiff in Ark Genesis?

To obtain the Skiff it will be necessary to get the Tekgram, we will receive it by killing the final boss of the game, then we will notice that the Tekgram is in our inventory, in addition, in the Genesis tab, once we get it, we just have to build the Hove Skiff and for this we have to depend on the Tek replicant and various materials and these are the following:

  • Crystal (60)
  • Oil (62)
  • Electronics (268)
  • Polymer (372)
  • Metal Ingot (4100)
Once we have all the materials, we have to go through the Tek Replicator to get the newly created Tek Hover Skiff.

What are the characteristics of the Tek Hover Skiff in Ark Genesis?

This transport is energized by fuel, this will depend on the element, an easy resource to get on the new map of the game, only that the consumption is of great proportions in a short time, so we must have a lot of fuel stored at the time of to make longer trips, to be in motion we must be attentive to the fuel consumption, we have 2 different ways to fly, one is based on low altitude and the other is the flight mode at a higher altitude level, with low altitude fuel is consumed efficiently, with the highest altitude the consumption will be at maximum, so that stored fuel will be ideal for long-distance distances, about 100 elements are ideal for flying, thus achieving an ideal time with this transport .

There is also the Tractor Beam mode, achieving with this the transfer of creatures to our destination, only that the size of these influences the fuel consumption if it is larger, to move at night we have the headlights, the Skiff we can repair them, by If we get to have some breakdowns, without any material it is possible to repair it, with waiting a few seconds and the damage it has will be magically fixed.

This is how we finalize our guide on How to get the Tek Hover Skiff hoping you can get the most out of Ark Genesis, a fairly busy game

PC, ps4, Xbox One
Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement
Studio Wildcard

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