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From the beginning the users of the arcade action videogame developed by Habby, Archero were waiting for the arrival  a Weapon List of official videogame to be able to learn more about the characteristics of each of them.

So we have given ourselves the task of investigating little by little, and we have prepared a Weapon List in Archero so you can know more about each one and know with which to prepare yourself according to the occasion.

Weapon List in Archero.

In this action and arcade video game there are four types of weapons, which you can update and merge to obtain and power and a better result of them. The rarity of the weapons is defined by colors, each color means a level of rarity different from the rest, but for you to have more clear this we will leave you below the rarity levels:

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    1. Common, white.
    2. Large, green.
    3. Rare, blue color.
    4. Epic, they are only purple.
    5. Epic perfect, have a purple color with a golden edge.
    6. Legendary, they are golden in color.

    Always try to use the most rare weapon you have, or in case a weapon with inferior but updated and well tuned rarity can offer you better results, then it must be that, the one that offers you a better result so you can take out the Maximum potential.

    So without further ado we leave you with Archero's Weapon List below:


    The first in our Weapon List in Archero known for being one of the best types of weapons in Archero. This weapon has the ability to inflict additional damage to enemies, allowing you to get additional damage when it comes back as well.


    This weapon is also a pretty powerful one that you should consider after the first if you want to get far enough here. It has a recovery ability with which you can protect yourself and also inflict some damage to the enemy.

    The Bow.

    From this weapon, the thing gets a little more in the average level. The weapon has a good level of damage, also its attack speed is quite acceptable, it is one of the best options you can consider when you start to play. Although you can always be useful to use it even when you have time.


    This has a simply great attack speed, although to inflict damage has a level of damage that leaves much to be desired, although still it is still very good.

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