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Archero Guide: the Best Weapons

2019-07-03 21:48:55

In Archero you will submerge yourself in a world where you are the Solitary Archer, the only force capable of defeating the waves of evil that are approaching. And to be able to defeat all your enemies it is necessary that you have the best available weapons in the game, so stay with us so that you know which are Archero's best weapons.

Technically the Scythe is considered the best weapon of Archero, however, there is much more in history. Archero will try to grind, die and repeat the process, regardless of whether or not you put money in the game.

Below we will show you the classification of Archero's weapons, from the best to the simplest.


We started the list with the best weapon in Archero, Scythe. While Archero is the slowest weapon of all, this can get to generate the greatest amount of damage once the level rises. Scythe possesses the built-in Headshot passive ability which leads to casual instantaneous deaths, but that's not all, since Scythe possesses a setback that will keep you safe from enemies as you advance in a chapter.


This weapon has the ability to pierce targets, to deal damage when returning to your character. In order to perfect the return damage, you can practice your positioning skills.


Blade is considered one of the best weapons of Archero, Despite having the weakest blow of any of the weapons in the game, Blade has the fastest attack speed. By obtaining the Multi-Shot skill, this weapon will be able to compete with the Bow and the Scythe.


This weapon is considered one of the simplest in Archero, so that it is effective enough, you must use the right equipment.

How to choose a Legendary in Archero?

In Archero you have the option to pay to unlock chests and chapter bonuses. This will reduce the search for a better weapon, however, there is another way to choose a Legendary in Archero without having to spend gems.

Archero has six quality levels for weapons, as shown below:

1. Common
2. Great
3. Rare
4. Epic
5. Perfect epic
6. Legendary


This level of weapons quality is the least powerful of the Legendary levels, it is the rarest and strongest.

Important fact

While waiting for the legendary weapon you want, you can use any weapon you currently have that you consider to be the best weapon.

Use the stutter step mechanic in Archero

The stuttering step will help Bow, Scythe and Tornado. With this you can move your character to cancel an attack animation. Stutter-Stepping is the correct way to make your character can attack faster. It should be noted that this turns out to be more effective with the Scythe.

As you may have noticed, in Archero the weapons have different designs and styles of game behind them. So it's totally up to you to choose the weapon that best suits your needs. Get the most out of your weapon to perfect your playing style.

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