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Apex Legends: Where to find the Peacekeeper in Season 5?

2020-05-13 10:13:38

Our guide today on Apex Legends is focused on explaining you Where to find the Peacemaker in Season 5, let's see the details here.

What is the Peacemaker in Apex Legends?

This game has started a new season in which it is possible to see some interesting changes and this is embedded within Battle Royale, `since it is that here we get the Peacemaker, which is nothing more than a shotgun that we can have in our hands and give it all use as possible.

Where to find the Peacemaker in Season 5 in Apex Legends?

This shotgun is not available as some simple loot, because it is necessary to follow some interesting details, since we are not talking about any weapon, and now we have the possibility of keeping it thanks to this season 5, allowing us to be a little more precise when looking for Well, while it is true that when we got the Mastif shotgun we got the possibility that it received some Nerfs, but in the meantime the Peacemaker has got Buffs which is relevant.

Knowing where to find the Peacemaker in Season 5 is really a little more complex but we can only go into this 5 season and play, choose to get a loot where it can be and take advantage of all the benefits it brings to us.

This Pacifier has some important advantages and they are:

  • Recharging times have been reduced considerably, to the point of standing at 2.65 to 2.45 base and 3.6 to 3.35 empty.
  • We can make the tight pellet pattern that much more useful.
  • The size of the projectile has been increased, this arises to have a favorable effect of consistency.
  • It is possible to see that the recharge time is reduced from 1.2 to 0.9

 In this sense, knowing Where to find the Peacemaker in Season 5 makes us mobilize in this 5 season, because it is great to get it and to be able to execute some shots in Apex Legends.

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February 4, 2019
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