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Apex Legends Wattson - How to Unlock Wattson and Play with her

2019-07-03 17:42:15

 To begin this guide in which we will tell you how to unlock Wattson in Apex Legends, the first thing you have to know is that Wattson is a new legend that has been added to the well-known Battle Royale videogame. The new character is closely related to electricity. It should be noted that the new character has long cables with which he can form an electric fence to protect himself.

Therefore, in this opportunity we have prepared a guide in which we verify in detail how to unlock Wattson, we will also tell you what your skills are and how to get the most out of this character by unlocking Wattson in Apex Legends.

New Hero Wattson All Skins, And Unlocks

How to unlock Wattson in Apex Legends.

To unlock Wattson in Apex Legends, you can only do so by purchasing it, so if you want to unlock Wattson in Apex Legends you will have your Legend Tokems or Apex Legends coins.

The price in Tokems is 12,000, while if you want to buy it with your coins you will have to spend a total of 750. Either form of payment will serve to unlock Wattson in Apex Legends, therefore, if you do not have enough Tokems your option will be to buy it by spending a few coins.

What are the skills that Wattson has.

This new character has a good and very useful amount of skills which will serve you remarkably to protect you and your teammates.

Tactical ability

Perimeter security, this ability, will allow you to create a barrier of protection with which you can damage and slow down your enemies if they fall into it.

Passive ability

Spark of genius, the passive ability will allow you to regenerate your maximum ability much more quickly in order to be active instantly. While if you approach the intersection towers your tactical ability will be quickly regenerated in the same way.

Lastly, we have the defensive ability.

Interception pylon, this ability will allow you to place up to a maximum of three pylons which will stop the enemy projectiles while you recover, at the same time the shields of your companions will be recovered.

We already know how to get it, we know his skills and finally we will know how to play with this new character.

First of all, we must point out that this is a character that turns out to be a very good complement for your team, so we can recommend it to you with all confidence.

If there is something you should keep in mind, it is that Wattson is not the ideal character to do one-on-one matches, so we recommend you always, work in conjunction with your team members, in case you are the last player standing , then you can use your electric barriers and pillars of protection to gradually kill them without being so affected.

Remember that one of the strongest points in this new Legend is your teamwork, your support skills can be very useful for your teammates. Keep in mind that in battle not all soldiers are in the front line of battle, but some lend support to those who are, therefore, you want to make sure you regenerate the armor and shields of your comrades, especially those who are receiving more damage.

Your passive ability will be one of your most feasible options to fight the enemy, with it you can load your tactical and maximum ability much faster than normal so you can use it more often.

To finish you have to know that the best way to take out the potential of any legend in Apex is by practicing, this will allow you to perfect your game form and know how to react at the exact moment, allowing you to do new things in order to end the health of your enemies more quickly.

PC, PS4 , Xbox One
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Release date:
February 4, 2019
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