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Apex Legends: How to works the Ranked Mode

2019-07-02 19:52:02

This game apex legends has a series of changes for season 2, its game system was changed to the Ranked mode, having high demand in apex legends due to the real battle game, the Ranked mode classifies each level with prizes for each of they. Before the season 2 of apex legends came out, it was explained by respawn how the game will work in which I include how to move to new worlds players and what to find measures that are happening.

How Apex Ranked Mode Will Work! All Details and Rewards

How Ranked Mode works

This Ranked mode will work in apex legends in the same way as it does in other games that have a similar mode. There are 6 types of rank: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and finally apex predator, each range is comprised of 4 divisions, for which division 1 will be the highest of the level, while 4 is the lowest , this does not apply in the apex predator range.

At the start of season 2, you start in the lowest rank that is the bronze, the players will go on killing and surviving all the time. RP prizes are coins that will be used to enter the games with a rank higher than bronze, each level of rank is increasing from its value of 1 in 1 RP instead for a game of apex level predator is worth 5 RP.

RPs help us calculate the range

RPs also help us calculate the range, depending on the number of deaths achieved, RP is won, for a death you can win from 1 to 5 RP. Players will be able to win RP according to their position in the ranking mode. If they are among the first 10, they will win 2 RP, among the 5 they will win 4 RP and on the podium 7 RP and if you get the first place it will be 12 RP. It is not cumulative being the maximum of 17 per game, having the update of apex legends season 2 players in teams will be positioned in the queue according to the rank they have between them.

As much as they are defeated, players will be able to maintain their rank once they are inside, meaning, for example, that there is a player in the diamond range. He will stay in this range for more times he loses, this helps the players to adapt to the apex legends season 2. The prizes will be at the highest level they have, the challenge is to have to reach apex predator to win the most relevant prizes.

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Electronic Arts
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February 4, 2019
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