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Apex Legends is a very busy game and today it leads us to explain How to play it on Mac.

What to know about playing Apex Legends on Mac?

  Highlighting how stable this game is on PC, it can be just as reliable if we play it on a Mac, even though it is on different platforms, it is appropriate to see if it is possible or not to do so, for this the content of this guide goes directly to tell us about How to play on Mac, you just have to follow the following details, let's see them.

How to play Apex Legends on Mac?

  It is important to have the necessary requirements so that we can solve How to play Apex Legends on Mac, being the first thing that we have the updated system, which includes the most recent version of Boot Camp Assistant, make a bootable Windows 10 pendrive and that at least we have of space 64 GB, with this compliment now you have to make other configurations being the following:
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    • Safe boot: you have to go to total security the safe boot configuration, for this we hold down the (⌘)-R key to notice the Apple logo, we will go to the utilities, the start security of the menu bar to change then to total security.
    • Start the Boot Camp assistant: we will do this from the utilities folder and then insert the boot pendrive when requested by the system.
    • Set the size of the partition: as this is required by the system, you must assign a minimum of 64 GB for it to install correctly.
    • Format the partition and install Windows: after assigning the space we have to install in the Boot Camp assistant option to in turn format the partition completely, when the installation is ready our Mac will restart with Windows, we follow the instructions to finish it.
    • Download the Steam launcher and log in: from the official website we download and install our configuration, this being the digital game distribution option, the next thing is that we log in to our Steam account or register if we don't have one.
    • Install and play the game from the Steam store: we download the game from the Steam store through the launcher, finally we will play now and when the installation is done we log in so we can play on the Mac.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to play on Mac has been very useful for your fun in Apex Legends.

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