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Apex Legends: How to play Lifeline

2020-06-29 09:15:56

Knowing how to play Lifeline is a necessary task in this fifth season in Apex Legends and here we explain everything to achieve it.

Who is Lifeline in Apex Legends?

This is a combat doctor whose sole objective is to help others, she is more a healer than a fighter, but she has managed to receive some modifications in the middle of this fifth season of Apex Legends, which may cause some change, in any case it is necessary to know How to play Lifeline since it can simply become better than we expected.

How to play Lifeline in Apex Legends?

Firstly, it is necessary to know the skills and these are passive and tactical that allows us to put it to good use.

Passive skills.

  •  Extra Loot: Count on a lifeline to open the secret compartments in the blue supply containers, the purpose of which is to generate some healing items and defensive gear.
  • Low profile: Having the possibility of knowing how to play Lifeline allows us to inflict 100 percent damage, as this also has a certain incidence since it will receive 5 percent more damage from all sources.
  • Combat revive: While reviving, the drone may hold a fairly wide and very difficult to penetrate shield wall, practically impossible, as there is the possibility of reviving a teammate automatically so that he can defend or revive someone else.


 Tactical skills.

  •  DOC Heal Drone: We have the possibility to call the drone in Apex Legends since it has the ability to heal 150 lives in its 20 second life, it can heal nearby players and this is because it has 45 seconds of cooling.


 Another skill, care package.

  •  Knowing how to play Lifeline simply allows us to learn interesting strategies, as this package specifically has a high-level defensive team, weapon accessories, healing items, which forms a very attractive mix, with the possibility of having a capsule of supplies for our team. with 15 seconds to land after launch and only 360 seconds of cooldown.

What are Lifeline's new tactics at Apex Legends?

 Our task here is to know how to play Lifeline and this involves knowing some interesting changes such as:


  •  It is not possible to use items quickly instead we will use more Healing Drone.
  • DOC. It has 45 seconds of cooldown activated while the drone is in use.
  • DOC. It can be a blast in the middle of a shootout and call after 25 seconds before it is removed.
  • It has a gold helmet whose purpose is to reduce the time to about 15 seconds.
  • It will be necessary to take the EVO since we do not know exactly the clarity of the synergy of the Golden Body Shield.
  • Our colleagues will leave us the Backpack and the Golden Helmet.
  • We require more batteries that we will put in our passive blue container, because here we do not require many health items.
  • We can use the load towers.
  • It will no longer be necessary to hook up with Ultimate Accelerants because our Ultimate is now better.

 In this sense, knowing how to play Lifeline simply allows us to defend ourselves and to defend our companions with more precision while we are immersed in Apex Legends.

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Electronic Arts
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February 4, 2019
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