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Apex Legends: How to play in third-person

2019-12-10 09:49:19

Then we leave for you a guide of Apex Legends where our goal is to teach you how to play in the third person.

Did you know that Ápex Legends can be played in the third person?

Previously, that could not be done, but thanks to the most recent discovery about the Easter egg on the shooting range, we can see that this option is fully available and that it is presented to us in a more attractive way when we focus on multiplayer mode , which makes this game a little more competitive, since it offers a bit of balance and this is an interesting topic that we are on these sides.

How to play in third person in Ápex Legends?

The first thing we will do to carry out this option is to go directly to the shooting range, because as you will see this is a space where players can make use of the characters and the loads of weapons individually or in teams, this shows a Standard point of view in the third person, which is excellent, and a Apex Legends 1.24 Update Patch Notes patch was included on December 3rd.

For his part, the twitter user @Rein_yk, was the one who made the discovery of this easter egg and shared it, so thanks, we also leave images that he has shared in order to accompany the description and detail of how we can activate this third person mode.

Then we leave a step-by-step guide that leads us directly to play in the third person in Apex Legends.

  • Charge at the shooting range.
  • Go forward and down the slope.
  • Move straight ahead beyond the objectives and climb the rock formation to higher ground.
  • Then you will have to go to the watchtower in front of you, go up the first ramp and jump the short distance to the mainland.
  • Climb the ledge that is visible to your left.
  • Then move back, get down and smash in the corner.
  • At this point it is necessary to change your point of view to look back where you came from and then straight to the ground.
  • Pause the game and select "Change legend."

Once we achieve these goals we will have the opportunity to play in the third person, otherwise we will have to position ourselves and try again, it is good to make clear that the novelty presented in this game is without a doubt the Easter egg, because there we have the opportunity to execute and organize some battles, of 1 v1 on the shooting range, feet this is just one of the many ways we can make our friends fall.
PC, PS4 , Xbox One
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Release date:
February 4, 2019
age rating:

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