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Apex Legends: How to fix the Error 'Failed to get a token from Origin'

2020-01-07 11:25:32

If you still do not know how to solve the error A token of the origin could not be obtained in Apex Legends, because you have arrived at the right place, here we have an answer.

What is the error Could not get a token from the source in Apex Legends?

  It is an inconvenience that is causing enough headaches to the players, because it blocks the detail of advancing to the main menu, this makes us unable to play practically anything, because this simply causes us a delay and therefore causes some discomfort, this is He finds the PC game launcher that has been patented by EA.

The error Could not get a token from the source is recent in Apex Legends?

The truth is that no, because this error already takes some time, they have made some minimal corrections for the PC platform, but even without being positive, this has been pointed out by EA Answers HQ and not since now, since this dates from more than 5 years, of course for a short time it was solved, but it is still an inconvenience, giving way to continue the issue and has recently been seen in EA Community Manager.

How to fix the error Could not get the source token in Apex Legends?

 Here we rely on the explanation offered by EA Atic, because it is here that we are asked to ensure “all Windows drivers and their GPU”, they have said this in a textual way, for this it is important to be aware of the updates necessary, because after that we are given the possibility to start the game, so that we can move a little further in front of where we observe the error, with it everything could be in order and only continue having a lot of fun.

 Obviously, the same method probably does not work for everyone, this means that there may be some program that, when running, will cause some interference, this is where we would have to follow in detail the instructions of the official guide presented by EA on executing clean starts, It is important to pay close attention because if you do not do it to the letter, it is likely that our computer may be damaged and that is why the problem increases.

 We can close this issue of the error A token from the source could not be obtained in Apex Legends. Your opinion is important to us so when solving this problem give us your impression.

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