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The failures do not stop in Apex Legends, and therefore it is convenient to tell you how to fix error code 100.

What is error code 100 in Apex Legends?

This is an inconvenience with which we get and that usually occurs on a regular basis, in this sense, knowing how to fix error code 100 arises as a necessary activity, this because although it is true, it is not a new failure, it continues providing us with problems, it is also well known that official solutions for the error do not exist, however, it is good to consider that some players have executed some solutions that may work even when they are temporary and thus get out of this problem that is quite frustrating.

Knowing how to fix error code 100 leads us to make use of unofficial solutions and that may turn out to be temporary, this because there is no response issued by EA even though this may be being caused by the server, we can apply some things, but fixing this bug completely that is impossible because this Apex Legends error does not usually come from us, in fact, we can choose to contact the support team, at the end of all they are the most qualified to give us an answer.

How to fix error code 100 in Apex Legends?

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    The first thing we must consider is that there are no official solutions which makes us talk about some things that we can apply temporarily, which implies that there are high possibilities of coming across this phallus at some point, in this sense it is possible to consider:

    Check that there are no problems with the Apex Legends servers:
    this is a task that can be made quite easy, we only have to consider the platform where we are enjoying the game, in this sense we must go to Twitter in order to check if there are updates, we can check Xbox status or check PSN status.

    Other solutions that can work for us are:

    • It is possible to press R3 to and then proceed to choose the closest server that can allow us to access the game.
    • In the event that our local server may be presenting problems, it is necessary to use a VPN to connect.
    • Another solution about how to fix error code 100 while we are on PSN leads us to take care of linking the PSN to our EA account, but this is usually quite limited.
    • Choose to restart the device on which we are playing Apex Legends.
    • Choosing to change the DNS configuration can be favorable regardless of the platform we are playing on, this implies placing and, and then proceed to restart the device and that's it.

    This is all we know about how to fix error code 100, so that you can apply some of these temporary solutions and thus continue to enjoy Apex Legends, in addition to waiting to see if there is ever an official answer for this failure.

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