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Apex Legends: How to fix Disappearing HUD Bug

2019-07-04 17:53:27

Perhaps during the tour of apex legends you may have come to find out that Disappearing HUD Bug appears in the second season of the game.

The participants of the game have been surprised because their HUD mostly goes away without being noticed.

Well here in this post we provide the help you need to correct the Disappearing HUD Bug.

How to fix Disappearing HUD Bug

Since the second season began, players are already beginning to see that there are errors, specifically two, the first is the Disappearing HUD Bug and the second is a blinking UI fault.

The administrator of respawn plexversalHD made a megathread, leaving a comment through which a lot of conversations were generated, we could simply see that the HUD and its interface have flaws and obviously this causes games to be lost, really this is an inconvenience, because we need HUD to know how much ammunition and health we have left as well as the location where we are on the map of apex legends.

Faced with this problem, we ask ourselves, is there any fix to eliminate the Disappearing HUD Bug?
Well there really is not or has not been an official solution so that the Disappearing HUD Bug in apex legends, even though respawn knows about the bug and claims to be working very hard and constantly to find an answer to this flaw. On the other hand some members say that seeing the soil presents a solution to the failure but temporary because one way or another usually disappears, of course this is an unofficial solution that serves temporarily, ie for a short time.

Tecfan, who was the original observer the bug, indicated that by deleting the origin release parameters or rather the autoexcec function in the pc, the failure was solved. Some members with affirmed that this solution has gone well to them if you eliminate the showfps 4 like name of the file in apex legends.

However, we must point out that these are unconfirmed solutions, so use them at your own risk.

In any case, it is important to make clear that the solutions indicated above are in your opinion, since none of them is official and you could find again the Disappearing HUD Bug.

Windows , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Release date:
February 4, 2019
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