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Apex Legends How to find the Laptop - Map Location

2019-06-27 16:23:39

The well-known free video game of the genre Battle Royale developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends, premiered on February 4, 2019. Apex Legends quickly became a sales success for developers and EA as publishers of the title. The growth of the Battle Royale Apex Legends is increasingly notable and is that since its launch the developers have not stopped bringing us new things.

What is causing a sensation at the moment and is thrilling fans, has been the trailer for the second season at Apex Legends.

One of the things that we saw in the trailer and what has most attracted attention to fans, have been the laptops that are located along King's Canyon.

Precisely about that, we've been looking around King's Canyon at Apex Legends, until we've been able to find the laptop. So we have decided to prepare this guide in which we will tell you exactly how to find the laptop in Apex Legends.

But before finding the laptop you have to know a little more about what this is about. Well, the laptop is one of the additions that come with season 2 in a Apex Legends. Unfortunately, it is not known with certainty what this laptop is for or what it is for. The rumors that have been gaining ground is that the laptop may be a track related to a new legend that could be introduced later in season 2 of Ape Legends. What is certain is that this is only a rumor and for sure really for now we do not know what the function of this computer will be.

What is certain is that we know how to find the laptop and so that it is in your power when it is revealed what to do with it, we have prepared this guide and we leave everything to you.

How to find the laptop in Apex Legends.

To find the laptop in Apex Legends, you will have to go to the lower center of the map, but do not worry because the place you have to go is near the road, so you will not be stranded in nothing.

Look for some small buildings and bridges that are on the other side of King's Canyon, you'll find the laptop on the ground nearby building that is further west on the other side of the canyon wall from the market. Get with him until the developers finally reveal their function.

PC, PS4 , Xbox One
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Release date:
February 4, 2019
age rating:

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