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Apex Legends: How to create a Club in Season 7

2020-11-01 20:44:17

Guide to learn how to create a club in season 7 of Apex Legends

 Recently in the Apex Legends game the creation of clubs was implemented, very similar to the guilds that are known in the other games. This new mode allows you to have up to 30 members and is more than a secondary list of friends. If you want you can also include other players' clubs, but if you are ready to take the reins, here we explain how to create a Club in season 7 of the game.

How to create a club in Apex Legends season 7?

Because it is a new mode, you can easily find it at the beginning of the game with an option called "Clubs".

You will have two options the first time you open the tag or until you have a club: "Join a club" and "Create a club". You will need to click on "Create a club" which will take you to a completely new menu where you can edit five different categories.

Three shorter categories and two with multiple items. It should be noted that profanity or bigotry is not allowed in any of the sections that allow user input.

Basic club setup

  • -Name (16 characters or less, must be unique like username)
  • -Label (Think of this as a guild identifier, which will appear in-game)
  • -Logo (This will be the image that will be used to represent your club, choose to edit or randomize)
  • -Privacy settings
  • There are many ways to choose who can join your club. The three main ways are to filter by visibility, level, and rank.

Visibility comes in three different ways:


  • which will make the group public and anyone can join.
  • By request, which is maintained by the public club, but new members must be authorized by an owner or manager to join

By invitation only

  • what makes your club private will not appear in search
  • The minimum levels are done on six main variables up to the maximum of 500, while the range levels are divided by the actual range that you are in, and the levels IV to I do not matter.

Search tags

  • Lastly, you can choose between 1 and 5 search tags that suit your play style and the type of team you want to attract. Label if mic is required or how tough you are. Tag yourself in LGBTQIA or what game modes you are open to. There are many different labels, so you can find your people and form a squad.

Crossplay Settings

  • While there is no sixth setup in the club itself, the cross-play setup for the club is tied to the owner's cross-play setup. If you allow cross-play as an owner, your club will also allow cross-play.

 Now that you know how to create a club in season 7 in Apex Legends you can enter or make your own grouping of whatever you want in the game. Luck!

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Electronic Arts
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February 4, 2019
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