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Apex Legends: How to become a zombie in Shadowfall Mode

2019-10-03 15:30:12

We bring you in this guide everything you need to know about how to become a zombie in Apex Legends.

Some games tend to adapt skins in October for the celebration of Halloween, and Apex Legends does not escape from this so we will see how you can become a zombie, which is why recently they have been leaking some information that they save relationship with this game where the walking dead are the center of attention, according to the discovery of the map where a new game mode is detailed, all this came to light thanks to a Twitter user named Shrutal, it is clear that the Shadowfall mode release does not have an exact date, but it is known that it will be at the end of the month, when it coincides with Halloween.

How to become a zombie in Apex Legends?

First of all, to become a living dead, a game mode is necessary and that is where the Shadowfall mode enters, which is reflected when starting the game on this date due to Halloween, where we are presented with the option to resurrect the dead and Zombies appear. In addition to how dark the map of the King's Canyon is, since this is part of the living dead, of course there can be placed some zombies that are faster and even we present a number of infected spiders, which It makes it a bit more intriguing because the game tends to be a wrestling for absolutely everyone.

Normally one wants to stay alive to be in the group of the 10 final players, but in order to play as a zombie, it is necessary to die first, and do it quickly so that you can fight against the enemies in the game, of course not It means that everyone is going to become a zombie, since there will be some group that does not decide to do so and it is they who will receive the guidance on how to control the group of zombies, that is why those who do not die are obliged to resist to the maximum while they get to extract them through an evacuation ship so this would mean the end of a Titanfall game, when this happens if they can finally declare themselves as the winners of the game.

Finally, we hope that our guide will be useful for you to know how to become a Zombie in Apex Legends and enjoy Halloween to the fullest.

PC, PS4 , Xbox One
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
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February 4, 2019
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