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Apex Legends heirlooms: how do you get them?

2019-05-16 19:13:46

In Apex Legends there are some particular cosmetics that are the rarest among all, called relics. However, getting these special cosmetics is somewhat difficult. On the other hand, not much is known about these mysterious relics. Today here at xboxplay.games, we will mention the details that we have collected so far regarding those relics in Apex Legends.

Relics of Apex Legends are common

Getting the relics of Apex Legends is quite difficult. Right now, it's certain that when you open the boxes, you have never obtained a Relic. The truth is that it ensures for a long time that these rare cosmetics are the rarest elements in this battle royale game. Although there are possibilities to get these relics, the official questions in Apex Legends indicate that there is a probability equal to 1% of finding a rare cosmetic like these.

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As you can infer, although you can get these relics mentioned, you have a low probability, but in the end you can get them. It happens that in the same way with which a legendary cosmetics is guaranteed between every 30 boxes of Apex that you open, in the same way you have a guarantee that you'll get your first set of relics once in each 500 Apex Boxes that you open.

To better understand the last mentioned statistics, indicate that it is likely to get a set of relics in a group of 500 Apex Boxes, also you'll get it in your first box, in the box number 500 or in the range within these. Everything applies whenever you open 500 Apex boxes.

On the other hand, if you're the case in which you have all the Apex Legends relics sets, then you do not apply the probabilities as to get them among the 500 Apex boxes, since you can not duplicate these relics

How to get relics in Apex Legends

The relics in Apex Legends are so strange that they can not even be seen in the game until they are finally unlocked. Currently, there is only one method to unlock the mysterious relics in Apex Legends and it's through Apex Crates.

On the other hand, given that relics are very strange elements and getting them is quite difficult, they have something positive and they come together for each Legenda. This can be better understood knowing that basically you will get three relics simultaneously. Also, when you find a relic, it will not count as the Apex Legends Box, meaning you'll have another to open one.

What relics are there in Apex Legends currently

So far, it's said that there is only one relic in the game Apex Legends and this is for Wraith. the way you know you have this relic is because the Apex Crate will flash a red color when you open and inside you'll have an introduction, a banner pose and, in addition, a unique skin.

On the other hand, if you're desperate because there's only one set of relics, you can calm down a bit. The official Frequently Asked Questions in Apex Legends confirm that more relics will be added to the game progressively, which could increase the chances to get them.

This is all we know so far in xboxplay.games regarding the mysterious relics of Apex Legends. If you know some data that we have passed, doubts or specific issues in which you need help, we invite you to leave it in our comments.