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Anthem Cataclysm: How to Spawn Valkyries - Valkyries Guides

2019-08-07 21:35:02

Anthem Cataclysm the new EA video game update is now available, this time we will tell you how to generate Valkyrie.

What are the Valkyries of Anthem Cataclysm.

These are enemy spawners which will fight against your team and against you, although they will only be activated by certain actions, activating the spawning and defeating them will allow you to unlock the trophy and get many more points at the end of each event.

How to generate Valkyrie in Anthem Cataclysm.

How to generate Valkyrie Fury and Magnus in Anthem Cataclysm.

To generate Fury and Magnus, you will have to do it while being in the Eye of Magnus event, it is not easy to get both at the same time, so, if that is your goal, make sure you take a large amount of resources with you.

To get Fury you will have to kill a lot of mafia enemies, while with Magnus you will have to activate crystal rods and crush the crystal in 55 seconds.

How to generate Valkyrie Brita in Anthem Cataclysm.

The first thing you have to do is go to Britaheim where you will have to get Echoes to remove the glass shield with the devices. Before removing the glass remove an Echo from any device for Brita to appear.

Do not destroy the glass without having destroyed Eco first, otherwise you will have to start the process again.

How to generate Valkyrie Casja in Anthem Cataclysm.

Go to Forge of Casja, take the four relics and walk through the Fields of Suppression as many times as necessary until Casja appears.

How to generate Valkyrie Diana in Anthem Cataclysm.

Go to Dianna's Landing and finish with Riftmaster and get the key to reactivate the glass panels. Then look for the panel that is in a building north of the glass, in that panel is where Diana will be generated.

How to generate Valkyrie Kelrik in Anthem Cataclysm.

Go to Castle Kelrik and complete the requirement in which you have to complete the Symbols with the Arcanist Orbs for Kelrik to appear.

How to generate Takaro Valkyrie in Anthem Cataclysm.

It is time that you go to the Sea of ​​Takaro, to get to Takaro you will have to have destroyed the glass that is there, pick up the Echoes of the devices and take it to a place before reaching the waterfall that will be indicated with a marker with Rock pillars form.

How to generate Valkyrie Astrid in Anthem Cataclysm.

Go to Astrid's Crucible and complete the main parts of the puzzle before destroying the crystal. After completing the puzzle you can find another panel on the floor near the first panel on the left, reactivate the new panel for Astrid to appear.

In this way we conclude, we hope that with this guide of Anthem Cataclysm, you are more than prepared to generate Valkyrie to defeat them.

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