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Anthem Cataclysm: How to Complete Britaheim event Puzzles

2019-08-07 18:57:48

We will guide you on how to complete Britaheim event puzzles in Anthem Cataclysm.

In Anthem Cataclysm completing Britaheim event puzzles on this occasion we will have to take into account that there are two simple tasks to perform, one activate the control bars and eliminate the glass that will serve to decrease the effect of the cataclysm, you will have many opponents that you will increase the difficulty of your mission of completing Britaheim event puzzles in Anthem Cataclysm.

How to complete Britaheim event puzzles in Anthem Cataclysm?

For this event you have to have a good coordination with your team, you have to destroy the glass that is in this area, you can do it by deactivating the protective barrier, and for this you have to deactivate 5 devices, of these, 4 you will put them in the door in front of the sand that has a blue shield as protection and for the 5th is under water when passing the suppression field being also protected by a barrier.

You already have the location of the echoes, first collect the 4 that are on the surface. Two players are important for this part since one deactivates the barriers and at that time the other can access to pick up the echo, having the 4 in your possession, you go for the 5 that is under the water, the next thing is to place 2 of the echoes that you already have in the devices of the suppression field, this will cause the echoes to pass through the field and if everything is not restarted from the beginning.

When the field is deactivated in the middle there is a protective barrier there you will find the 5 echo, now you place the 2 remaining echoes that you have left on the devices on the right and left, so the glass barrier will be removed and destroyed to finish the event .

Finally, if you follow these instructions you can complete Britaheim event puzzles in Anthem Cataclysm without any problem so you can not fail in the objectives of this event.