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Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to Get Paintings - Tips and tricks

2020-02-19 15:18:34

In a game as full of elements as it is Animal Crossing New Leaf it is necessary to know how to obtain paintings

Knowing how to obtain paintings is undoubtedly indispensable, since we must buy them quite slowly, avoiding spending the fake bells and only one painting per week, since these are part of the necessary items to donate to the museum in Animal Crossing New Leaf

How to get paints in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

New Leaf is a continuation of this game so if you have played it before you will already have some knowledge to get caught, the paintings are obtained once a week and are usually of our choice, when we get one it is necessary to wait another week to get another and for this it is necessary to deliver the bells that we have achieved strongly.

The paintings are bought in the gift shop that usually appears in Crazy Redd but we can only see it one day a week and it is usually placed near the city square in Animal Crossing New Leaf The store contains 4 paintings for sale only that we can choose every week For one, it is necessary to deliver the bells, but it is necessary to be very alert to the situation, because in some cases we can run into the paintings are false and this costs many bells, it is clear that Crazy Redd is a scammer, although it is the only way we have to achieve our goal set on how to get paintings

How do I test if purchased paintings are fake in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

Normally any element that is false is usually identified by a small detail, this makes a difference and here we are allowed to discover those details, which with some knowledge can be avoidable and help us know how to obtain paintings

Here is a list of the original paintings that we can buy in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

  • Fine painting is an original painting.
  • Flora Painting is another of the paintings that can be purchased.
  • The Graceful Painting where the woman is looking to the right is true, so it must be bought.
  • Amazing Paiting this picture has a black man who should be to the left of the white man.
  • Joyful painting represents a face made with vegetables only that any vegetable that is green should contain in the nose.
  • Grumpy painting, this is a true picture so it can be bought.
  • Nice painting is original and when you see it it is ideal to buy it.
  • Basic Painting, the original features the folded left arm.
  • Common Painting, is a painting that should always be purchased.
  • Dynamic Painting, this painting reflects Mount Fuji and is quite small under a wave is original
  • Perfect painting this is a painting that should be purchased when we see it because it is true.
  • Proper painting is a true picture.
  • Picturesque painting, the woman should always wear a white hat that is true.
  • Scenic painting is a true picture.
  • Solenme painting: the real one has the blonde girl inside the painting and with the same height as the girl on the left.
  • Wild painting, the real one simply has a white character on the left and a black one on the right.
  • Warm paint Always genuine. Buy it when you see it.
  • Dignity painting is always genuine. Buy it when you see it.

So we can see the differences that are quite visible and let us know how to get paintings

List of false paintings in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Knowing how to obtain paintings requires knowledge about the true and the false.

  • Calm painting is simply false in this game there is no version of it here.
  • Amazing Paintin this picture of the black man that is on the left of the white man if we see it upside down is simply false.
  • Joyful painting, this picture shows a face made of vegetables and the nose contains a special one, only if it is a carrot it is false.
  • Basic Painting, this picture if we see it with both arms folded is false.
  • Dynamic Painting, if Mount Fuji occupies enough space under the wave it is false.
  • Famous painting, if the fingers point to the lower left it is simply false.
  • Neutral painting, it is a painting of a large leaf and if we see that it has a large hole that can be eaten then it is false.
  • Paint in motion the fake version presents the shell upside down.
  • Scary painting, the fake version presents a finger in each hand unlike the original that brings all the fingers of the man.
  • Painting of wisdom the fake version presents the girl with a red earring.

In this way we reach the end of our Animal Crossing New Leaf guide where now that you know how to obtain paintings you will choose to choose the real ones and not waste the campaigns obtained hard.

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