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With our Among Us guide you will learn more about How to Type.

What to know about Among Us?

 In a game where deception has a main role, we have that communication is important, being something possible with third-party applications but those of us who do not have access to some form of communication must be done through the same game, while we are registered it is possible to Type freely, considering that the guests must handle a wheel of pre-written lines that allow them to handle the story correctly, now to understand How to Type let's see the following details.

How to Type to Among Us?

In the upper right part of the module when we are in a meeting we will see the chat icon in Among Us, if we have the intention of chatting we open the window and looking to solve How to Type we can enter the half wheel icon, presenting in turn a total of 7 different categories to give the answers, talking about the names of players, locations or tasks, when the blue arrow points directly to the placement to put the words, when we have been able to Type a statement, it is sent using the blue arrow to the right.

Being our objective to understand How to Type we have the accusation, a category in which suspicions are launched against a crewmate, giving a testimony in Among Us, presenting some options such as:
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    • A was chasing B.
    • A saw B ventilate.
    • A is a suspect.
    • A killed B.
    • I do not notify the corpse
    • Do not vote A
    • A is lying


     In this screen of Among Us we have the chat options for defense of the accused, considering How to Type we have that innocent lives can be protected or support the impostors, the options in this regard are the following:


    •  A was not chasing B
    • A did not see B ventilate
    • A is good
    • A don't kill B
    • Do not vote A
    • Tell the truth



     At the top of the right is the option of the crew, here you can choose between some options for ourselves, such as me, me and nobody.



     As for How to Type in Among Us we have that in this option that is in the center of the right allows to know the name of a mechanic or operation precisely, seeing all the systems that are presented on the map, an example can be the aircraft which presents the following options:


    •  Fixing the lights
    • Security cameras
    • Avoid falling from the ship
    • Vital monitor
    • The administration map



     With this option we will have all the rooms that are available on a map, this tab is in the lower right part, with the more button to appear we can search for some that may be hidden, considering that the size of the maps varies.



     We have at our disposal the general options to add context or clues to the investigation, this option is in the lower left and these are the following:


    •  This is a double murder.
    • A declared himself.
    • A did a specific task from B
    • A was with B
    • I call a meeting
    • With A was the body
    • Do your homework please



     It is a series of questions to ask, which seek some precise answers about some actions, we have this option in the central left part of the wheel, among the options we have the following:


    •  What was A doing?
    • Who was A with?
    • Who?
    • Is it a dead body or an emergency meeting?
    • Where was A?
    • Who fixed A?


     As for How to Type in Among Us, we have that the answers are difficult to answer when using the wheel, considering the options seen above, having that the tab on the left offers us a series of answers, these being the following:


    •  Vote.
    • A did.
    • A was.
    • I do not know.
    • Yes.
    • Lies.
    • RIP.
    • A was in B.


     Now considering the More tab we have that the negative options are presented considering the answers we have seen, these are the following:


    •  Skip the vote.
    • A did not.
    • A was not.
    • Maybe.
    • Not.
    • Voucher.
    • Yes.
    • A was not in B.


     The creation of the account is simple, we will only go to the account tab that is presented on the left of the main menu, where we will give at the beginning of the session, we will be asked if we want to create an account, once we accept a Notice that we have done it correctly, then when we are in the game we can open the chat to Type what we want in the white bar, after that we give it the blue arrow, where said option is kept for those of us who use the account of course.

     In this way we finalize our Among Us guide, now you know how to Type, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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