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Amid Evil: List of cheat codes to play

2019-07-09 22:24:58

If you are a fan of Amid Evil, the first-person shooter video game developed by Indefatigable, you will surely want to know what the cheat codes are for playing Amid Evil. If that is the case, then you have come to the right place.

Codes of tricks to play Amid Evil

If you want to apply a cheat code in Amid Evil, all you have to do is write it on your keyboard while you are playing, because if you plan to apply it from the pause menu, it will not help. Once you have written the letters you will notice how the screen flashes a notification located at the top of your screen.

Fun Fact of Amid Evil Cheat Codes

When activating the code, the codes must not be written in capital letters.

Now, if you want to disable a trick, you just have to rewrite the cheat code and you will notice another flash with a new notification at the top of the screen. Enter the AERO code and deactivate it.

Without further ado, below we will show you all the cheat codes to play Amid Evil:

Cheat code list of Amid Evil

1. Adomg - God mode.
2. Admage - Full Mana.
3. Aewizard - All weapons, mana and keys.
4. Aenima - Soul Mode Engage.
5. Aebaby - Alternate soul mode.
6. Aewarlock - All weapons.
7. Aeurp - Burp.
8. Aero - Flight mode.
9. Aesee - Torch mode.
10. Aeyesore - Invisibility.
11. Aelpha - All powerups, keys, weapons, mana, health and soul points.
12. Aeomega - God Mode, Infinite Manna.
13. Aevain - All the keys.
14. Aeheh - Complete level.
15. Aether - Noclip.
16. Aesthetics - Steamwave mode.
17. Aetheory - Turn the post processing to maximum.

18. Aelympics - Unlock super speed.
19. Aeon - Unlock the super slow motion.
20. Aextreme - Unlock super fast weapons.
21. Aextinct - Kill all enemies.
22. Aesplode - Kill yourself.
23. Aeouch - Hurt yourself.
24. Aestop - Freeze enemies.
25. Aehide - Hidden weapon in the first person.
26. Aeshot - Screen capture mode.
27. Aewep2 - Da Mineral de Azure.
28. Aewep3 - Give whispers to the edge.
29. Aewep4 - Da Voltride.
30. Aewep5 - Give celestial claw.
31. Aewep6 - Da Tormento de Cristal.
32. Aewep7 - Da Aeturnum.

Other codes of Amid Evil

1. AELEON - Level selection.
2. AE1981 - CGA Pallete 1.
3. AE1982 - CGA Pallete 2.
4. AE1983 - CGA Pallete 3.
5. AE1989 - EGA palette.
6. AE1990 - VGA palette.
7. AE2000 - Full color palette.
8. AEBORT - Get out of the game.
9. AENDREW - Music selection.

With this we finalize the list of cheat codes to play Amid Evil.

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