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Today we bring you a Alchemy Stars guide where we tell you how to get central plugins.

What are the Central plugins in Alchemy Stars?

These are nothing more than bridge improvement materials in this game, and it is usually necessary to get them to make some progress and thus achieve the maximum mood of Colossus, this one that is nothing more than a main base of the players and usually grouping a considerable amount of buildings and diverse areas together, this turns out to be favorable both for us and for other Aurorians.
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How to get central plugins in Alchemy Stars?

Our main task is to progress through the story, so that we will be able to complete several stages and these usually offer us some amount of rewards, among which are usually the central accessories, in this sense, it is feasible to recognize that the stages are usually distributed as follows:


  •   Stage 2-12.
  • Stage 4-7.
  • Stage 6-14.
  • Stage 8-14.


Once we get the central accessories, we will proceed to give them their respective use, which is usually a necessary improvement to be developed in a maximum of 5 levels, this allows us to overcome the stages of the story and thus improve the bridge.

  In this sense, knowing How to obtain central plugins offers us the opportunity to make some interesting improvements in Alchemy Stars.

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