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Age of Wonders: Planetfall: how to get resources

2019-08-14 17:13:52

There is very little left for Age of Wonders Planetfall to debut, so today we will tell you everything you need to know to get resources.

What is Age of Wonders Planetfall about?

The video game is the fifth installment of the 4X turn-based strategy series developed by Triumph Studios, in which one of your main tasks will be the creation of a controlled colony. For this you will need to use a series of resources, and for that it is this guide to tell you how to get resources.

What are the resources of Age of Wonders Planetfall?

In total there are five resources, food, energy, costs, production and knowledge. Among the five, the most important is energy. This is used in almost any action you want to do in the game, as well as having the function of activating operations and also maintaining and modifying units.

How to get resources in Age of Wonders Planetfal?

We have highlighted all the resources of the game, then in our guide we will tell you the utility and the way in which you can get resources as appropriate.

Energy is a resource generated by the colonies, it is stored and when it is required to do something specific, it is taken from said reserve. Use it wisely to avoid spending the entire colony reserve.

Food is a resource that depends on each colony, it is used to help the growth of the colony, it can also affect the creation of new settlers (although you can always check the amount of settlers in your colony and the amount of food you need to get a new one), as well as in the amount of territories that serve you. Which at the same time brings other collateral results such as the affectation of the production of the colony among other aspects.

We recommend that you maintain a good food production in your neighborhood, keep in mind that if you produce less than what you consume, your neighborhood will die.

In the case of the limit, it is the rarest resource in the game, it is used for the construction and repair of new units, it is also used to keep your units at level IV

To get a cost you will have to check the special deposits of said resource which you will find throughout the map.

Production is another resource that is separated for each colony. It is a non-cumulative resource that is used to recruit units and also to place buildings.

In addition, it also determines the time it will take for the colony to produce something.

If you want to eliminate or change the productions when they are in process, there is a possibility that you lose the points, although it may also be that the production stops and then resumes in the same place to complete the changes.

Knowledge, is the last in our guide to get resources from Age of Wonders Planetfall, this resource is non-cumulative, it is used for the creation of new technologies, as well as to obtain new units and buildings.

It is generated by the registered sectors where the scientific institutions of the same colony were built.

When is Age of Wonders Planetfall released?

The 4X turn strategy video game is scheduled to be released on August 6, 2019 and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users.

In this way we conclude our guide on how to get resources in Age of Wonders Planetfall, precisely now that you know how to get resources, we hope you can get the most out of them.

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